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Allyson is a California-licensed attorney with a JD from Duke University and a Master in Global Business Law from Sciences Po and Duke. She has a BA in Linguistics from Boston University. In law school, Allyson's focus was on environmental law and management of public resources under the National Park Service Organic and Wilderness Acts. She also gained experience in civil litigation as an intern at a San Francisco Bay Area plaintiff's side law firm and the Sierra Club.

She graduated from law school in 2012 and has been working as a contract manager in clinical outsourcing, a business function within the biotech industry. She continues to use her legal experience to benefit the California climbing and outdoor communities through the Yosemite Climbing Association. She is particularly interested in promoting positive relationships between use groups and agencies and organizations that manage resources critical to climbing access.

Allyson's commitment to the climbing community began when she started rock climbing in college in New England. She moved to California in 2007 to be closer to Yosemite National Park and the Sierra. Since then, she has spent as much time as possible climbing in the Western United States and abroad. She has climbed multiple Yosemite multi-pitch routes, a few big walls, and High Sierra routes. Allyson also has alpine experience in the Sierra, Peru, and Argentina and has rock climbed all over the world. She recently started painting watercolors inspired by her time in the mountains. In 2016, she created with the hope that her art and writing would motivate and inspire people to pursue their own adventures in the wild.

In 2015, powered by an American Alpine Club Live Your Dream Grant , Allyson traveled to Argentine Patagonia where she climbed De l'S and attempted Guillaumet via the Brenner route. Some of the art inspired by the trip can be seen through @americanalpine on Instagram. In October 2016, Allyson also had the opportunity to present photos and art from Patagonia and the Sierra to the Rock Ice & Mountain Club in Santa Rosa, CA.

Allyson has developed central roles in community building within the Yosemite climbing community through her management of camping reservation requests, grants, and sponsorship requests for Yosemite Facelift, a volunteer event sponsored by the National Park Service and Yosemite Climbing Association. She was recognized by the National Park Service for her efforts in 2017.

She also served as a Duke Law Club of Northern California board member, organizing and promoting outdoor excursions and pro bono opportunities with IANGEL, a Bay Area non-profit. In 2016, she was recognized by IANGEL for developing volunteer opportunities for Bay Area attorneys.

Salt Earth Art is a forum for Allyson to share her writing and watercolors, inspired by a life of adventure in the mountains and on the sea. Allyson loves collaborating and exchanging motivation, inspiration, and ideas about community building and advocacy, so don't hesitate to reach out!