I am so excited to share the itinerary for my upcoming trip. But first, an update: my last day at work will be TOMORROW (June 15th) and I'll be starting at a smaller biotech based in the Bay Area on August 14th, which means time off in between! This is such a gift and I'm looking forward to a couple trips, but also just hanging around home.

The first few weeks, I'll be traveling to the South Pacific Islands! 

It started with a Netflix documentary about land divers on Pentecost Island. Wouldn't it be cool to go there? Many hours of planning later, my itinerary is set! I'll travel to Vanuatu and Waterfall Village to see the Nagol, then off to Fiji. We can't really call what I do surfing, but the hope is to spend some time on a board near Natadola Beach on the Coral Coast (saving Cloudbreak for next time--ha!).

Here's my itinerary in a timelapse video!:

Usually, I hit the road with what I have at home, but this time, I've been really deliberate about packing. There is some really cool stuff available for traveling if you have the time to do the research. I have a tendency to over pack, so I invested in a smaller wheeled carry on that converts into a backpack AND has a detachable day pack on the front. I also found an infinity scarf that converts into a couple dresses, shirts, and a cardigan (I wasn't sure about this one, but it arrived yesterday and I'm really impressed with the look and design!). I also splurged on footwear: really lightweight, black, running shoes, and rubber-soled gold sandals that won't make me feel like a backpacker when I wear them.

I'll be gone from June 17th to July 5th and can't wait to share the photos and adventure when I return!