Video Experiments


South Pacific Islands Itinerary 2017

In June and July 2017, I visited Vanuatu and Fiji. Visit Blog to read posts from the trip!

Spring Hooping on the Beach

In September 2016, I picked up a hula hoop at a music festival and have been practicing in my living room. Progress is slow, but fun!


january 31, 2017: round top peak ski touring


In January 2017, Ted and I spent the day out backcountry skiing on Round Top Peak near Kirkwood.


August 22, 2016: Have Less, Do more

Footage from the Conness summit plateau.

August 18, 2016: Painting the life you love


You never know what passions you'll discover.


August 6, 2016: Jog on the California Coast

I took some photos and clips of the scenery along my Saturday jog and used them to make my first video. It's a bit choppy at the end (timelapse was the not the right choice!), but there are some fun views of Pacifica State Beach. Enjoy!